Finding Your Style

As I gear up to wear the same Converse and black jeans I always seem to wear which so happen to make me feel "trendy"  , I asked myself, "Myles... What is YOUR style?!" "What IS my style?", led to "Who am I?", which led to, "Are we just avatars in God's continuous video game?"; but … Continue reading Finding Your Style


Spring out of Stalking

While mindlessly swiping through the average male on Tinder over spring break, in hopes of somehow getting a free drink on the beach, I stumbled upon a guy that I used to follow on twitter. He was tall, dark, middle eastern and was the epitome of eye candy! Scrolling through his profile I read the … Continue reading Spring out of Stalking

Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2017 Campaign has Stolen My Heart

Just a couple of days ago this Italian fashion house released their Pre-Fall 2017 campaign and I completely lost my wig!  When I tell you all I was shook… I mean I was SCALPED BALD with excitement!  Alessandro Michele, the artistic director, is giving the kiddies just what we’ve been asking for. This campaign, rightfully … Continue reading Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2017 Campaign has Stolen My Heart